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下拓と二人三脚で作ったLUI BRAND 1st EP『U.H.O 1400Kcal』。
小さな幸せという曲では下拓がトラックを手掛け、KIRAのディレクションも入り豪華な仕上がり!またおばあちゃんの一万円と、ライブでずっと歌ってきたLIFE IS BEAUTIFULは、本人がトラックを制作、思い入れのある作品となっている。LUI BRANDというアホな一面と顔から想像もつかない声と気持ちの込もった歌がこの1st EPに詰まっているので、是非みんなに聴いていただきたいです。

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    LUI BRAND has grown up in the very unique family in Osaka. His mother is Filipina and father is Korean. You can not imagine that LUI BRAND has such a high clear voice and His fans are attracted by that. His debut album was call My Angel in 2016 June and he defiantly made huge impact to music industry. In 2018 Spring, he has released a song call Kaminoiro Tone Down which made so many hair artists, famous artists and Tick Tok users to get almost addicted to his dance and song. He performed his own live music event in Sunhall in Osaka and sold out all 150 tickets and made his fans go crazy and the live was very successful. Right now, he is trying to bring in new style music such as Afro Beats and doing corroboration with dancers to make attractive music videos to show his growth.

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