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Creators who have produced a lot of game music have gathered and started a new project, "fono"!
The first work, which can be called self-introduction, is co-produced by nao, special creators Haruka Shimotsuki and Ceui, and collaborated with VTuber who is thrilling now! Side: Electro "future world" VTuber x Club Electro Sound Side: Pop & Rock "miracle" world "VTuber x pop / rock sound We will deliver it with two concepts.
The jacket illustration is drawn by "future world" by "Tsukasa Arisue" and "miracle world" by "Yanyo"!
Tr.1 will / Kaname Tokiwa Tr.2 heaven forever / Miu Hizuki Tr.3 Connect World / Serena Hanazono Tr.4 Seize your moment / Sifar Tr.5 Hello New World / Miru Annin Tr.6 wondering time / Hana Chigusa Tr.7 beautiful world / Hasami Kamiki

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iTunes Store • Dance TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 164 • 28 May 2021

Hello New World

iTunes Store • Dance TOP SONGS • Taiwan • TOP 3 • 28 May 2021 iTunes Store • All Categories TOP SONGS • Taiwan • TOP 105 • 28 May 2021

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  • fono

    数多くのゲーム音楽を制作してきたクリエイターが集結したプロジェクト・fono(フォノ)。世界中が大きな困難に立ち向かっている今、みんなで手を取り合い1人では出来ない力で 大好きな音楽を届けようとfonoは結成されました。共同プロデュースにnao、スペシャルクリエイターに霜月はるかとCeuiを迎え、 今をときめくVTuberとコラボ中です。

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