1. TRULY TRULY DO - Introduction -
  2. Because Of You
  3. Beautiflul Woman
  4. Nightly Music
  5. Jyodan jya nai
  6. Orenji iro no yuuyake
  8. Koitte Muzukasii
  9. Listen To Me
  10. Omoi nayamunoha mou yameta
  11. 5:00 AM
  12. Hitorigoto

This is the eighth piece full album which Sato Kafu releases at the turning point of activity ten years. You only listen to this album, and a chest will become gradually hot. Here is 13 pieces of stories.

Kafu Satoh

He was born in 1981. He got close to music under the influence of the grandmother who was the music teacher of the elementary school since he was young. The singing voice that his music sinks into a lyrical melody and heart is a characteristic. He released album "FREE MIND" which became the 10th piece in August, 2019. He was in charge of the composition from new song "Arekara" of Hibari Misora produced in NHK special "Hibari Misora who revived in AI" televised in October, 2019. (words:Yasushi Akimoto) The trust from other artists is warm, too, and he goes for "Nogizaka46", "Yusuke", "Fuki", musical piece offer and recording to many artists including "Kurei Yuuki". In addition, he is in charge of a chorus on the tour of Keisuke Kuwata (Southern All Stars) and is active in many aspects.

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