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This is a piano solo piece by a composer, Hiroki Saitoh.
The title, Toukei, refers the way the sun sets, and paints the western sky eventually.
Changing its color and fading away from moment to moment, the world shows its ephemeral beauty. The mind feels restless by regret for the past and hope for a better tomorrow.
Through gentle and soft piano tones and series of soothing chords, I portrayed the scenery and the moments I love..., thinking of the faces of beloved family who I want to walk with.

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  • Hiroki Saitoh

    Born in Tokyo He started to play classic guitar when he was 10 years old, and he eventually played at the blues bar as a professional. He has started to study classical musical theory from the age of 18 and he began his career as a professional composer with experimental music performances and orchestral pieces. He has actively worked in composing for movies, TV commercials and websites. And he has produced and designed many kinds of sound like enterprise corporate identity sounds, interface sounds, such as electronic money interface musics for Seven & i Holdings Co. with his dynamic and original atmospheric music. Remarkably, He loves to collaborate with various artists, and he is also gifted as a sound artist as he shows his talent on many art installations.

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