1. Change
  2. Fu-Ka
  3. Sunny Samba
  5. Haltijan Dance
  6. Floating city
  7. Rain
  8. Youth
  9. Rico
  10. Think of you

Guitar duo works by guitarists Shunsuke Yamashita & Yoshihiro Koseki

Yoshihiro Koseki

He studied guitar under Shigeru Sato and Shiki Nagashima, musical composition under Hirokazu Sato, and jazz popular music theories under Tatsuya Inagaki. He has principally appeared as a classic guitar soloist but performed with players of other musical instruments such as violin, piano and cello, and with vocalists and reciters. He has given performances in Japan as well as in the U.S., Portugal, France and Hong Kong. His music writing is not limited to guitar music but includes chamber music for guitar with other instruments, incidental music for film and theater and for commercials. He has released 9 albums to date. He also has been highly appreciated as an arranger and been requested to offer composition or arrangement by many guitarists including Kaori Muraji. He currently holds a serial column in "Gendai Guitar Monthly" and publishes arrangement scores for guitar solo in the same magazine, and has published many arrangement scores including well-received "Music of Joe Hisaishi for Guitar Solo "(publisher: Gendai Guitar Co., Ltd.). He has been pursuing the possibility of classical guitar and keeps appealing its fascination. He is a member of the Japan Guitarist Association, serves as an Executive Director of the Guitar Ensemble Association of Japan, as an instructor at the Classical Guitar Club at Tohoku Fukushi University, and as the Representative of Wonder World Works.

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Shunsuke Yamashita

山下俊輔 ギタリスト 作曲家 高知県出身。桐朋学園大学短期大学専攻科首席で卒業。2006年にギターデュオ「いちむじん」としてメジャーデビュー。現在15枚のCDをリリース。 数々のCM、映画、ドラマ、アニメなどに参加。その中でも2010年大河ドラマ「龍馬伝」、映画「沈まぬ太陽」で飛躍的に活動を広げる。 作曲者として2010年ミサワホームCM曲「かけら」演歌歌手 市川由紀乃、松本梨香他、多数の企業、歌手に楽曲提供を行う。 2011年から海外公演を行っておりニューヨーク、ボストン、ロサンゼルス、ボルチモア、メキシコシティ、サンパウロ、サルバドール、台湾などで高い評価を得る。 近年は全てジャンルが異なる唯一無二のギターアンサンブルを結成。 2017年「小関佳宏×山下俊輔 」アルバム「think」発売。 2018年志野文音と「Ring The Alarm」NYデビュー。 2019年佐藤紀雄と「どっと。」アルバム「A LA CARTE」発売。 2019年ソロアルバム「Single molt YAMASHITA No.1」発売。 2018年〜2019年 作曲 演奏 出演 ・高知龍馬マラソンテーマ曲 ・映画「サムライせんせい」ではテーマ曲、挿入曲。 各CM ・宝石の八神 ・ほそかわ歯科医院 ・株式会社リョウ ・三谷ミート ・有限会社四国浄管

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