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Lina Lina, aka the ukulele mermaid, released her fifth album "Home" featuring 11 songs. The album is the first release from her own label. The album's genuine "home-made" feelings make the album something like her "home ground". The selection of the eleven songs includes "Mama's Song", a song inspiredrd warm messages "NYANKO NO UTA - Cats Song-", featuring real cats' voices, was recorded with pug27, a brass big band from Osaka. The collaboration gives depth and charm to the piece. The album features songs with English lyrics such as "New York", a song she wrote while she spent some time in New York, and "Go" by Smashing Pumpkins, which is highly acclaimed among musicians overseas. Covers such as Djavan's "Flor de Lis" and the standard "Dream a Little Dream of Me" will take the listener to a distant paradise. "RINGO NO HANA GA SAKU KORO NIWA -By The Time The Apple Trees Bloom", a songinds the listener of Japan's TOHOKU area scenery after the earthquake. A cover of Yuki Saito's "KAZOKU NO SHOKUTAKU" visualizes HOME where the singer belongs through the melody played by her ukulele and her soft voice. Responding to the requests, she re-recorded a piece she released in 2003, a "KONO KAZE NO YOUNI - Like This Wind-", for this album. All eleven songs enfold the listener with Lina Lina's big love and gentle sound, making you realize Lina Lina's music, people and sound surrounding her, and each and every listener are together in one big "HOME" created by Lina Lina. Lina Lina's "HOME" is the sound that makes you want to get back to.

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    LinaLina, aka the ukulele mermaid, is a singer-songwriter who plays the ukulele. She took her first piano lesson at age four and an ukulele she found at home launched her career as a musician. After spending some time in New York and Los Angeles, she released her debut album"getta" in 2002, followed by "LinaLina", "Enjoy!" , "Ukulele Lesson LeLeLe" and "HOME". Her ukulele instructional book, "Ukulele Songs You Can Play with Only Five Chords" (published by Rittor Music) is a bestseller. Venues for her ukulele performances include cafes, live houses, beachside and mountain music festivals. She also plays at hospitals and organizes live shows for children as well as ukulele workshops. Her music casts a magical spell on her audience as she performs in various ways. In 2009 she started the ukulele school called "Ukulele Lesson LeLeLe". From the children and seniors, Her school has a lot of students . Appeared on the TV program "Ukulele Relay Concert" on Japan NHK-BS, which was very popular. Her activity has been featured in many media such as television and magazines. As an International Artist, She performed at Ukulele Picnic in Hawaii 2014, 2016, 2019 and 2020. and Taiwan Tour 2018. Hong-Kong Cheung Chau International Ukulele Festival 2018. Those were huge successes. She attracts many fans around the world. Finally She released a Christmas Album which including her original christmas song called "Aloha Christmas To You" in 2020. The ukulele mermaid always delivers peaceful and heartwarming vibrations (sounds).

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