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Less than 5 months after the release of the 1st album. "zanzow no bouquet" The next development is the release of digital singles for two consecutive months. This first song is a self-cover of a song that was performed only live as a song by "Zanzow Cafe" around 2004.

Although it was recorded in a collaboration album ("zanzow cafe extra") with daisuke mizushima in 2008, the lyrics were largely deleted along with the avant-garde arrangement, so this is the first release of the complete version.

In contrast to the 1st album, which featured various guest musicians, Genki Oomori was in charge of all instrumental playing, programming, and recording. In addition, Genki Oomori and Yosuke Adachi were in charge of mixing. Yousuke Adachi was in charge of the mastering.

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  • zanzow no bouquet

    "zanzow no bouquet" is a solo project that Genki Oomori, who is also involved in "zanzow cafe", "Hana to Roji", solo artist, support for Agata Morio, and movie music, will start in 2020. In June 2020, the first release, "Dear My Life", was digitally released in the form of participating in a compilation album. (Corona disaster support competition album "Ichiban Osoku, Ichiban Nagai vol.1"). After releasing two single titles of "boys & girls" (Dec.2020) and "Sing Like a Trip" (Dec.2021), the 1st full album "Zanzow no Bouquet" was released in the spring of 2022. It was featured on news sites such as "Music Natalie" and "Yahoo News", and received high praise from all sides. From August to September, we plan to release two consecutive months of digital singles "Summer Constellation 2022" and "(To be announced at a later date)". In addition, in September, two live performances have been decided for the first time since the start. 9/10-11 Appearance on the 1st day of the festival "Bread, Music and Antiques 2022" held on 2nd, 9/23 Spotify O-nest WikikiRecord 23rd anniversary event (two-man live with "ELEKIBASS").

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