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Music about the beauty that a person and a person snuggle up to a motif with a sunflower plainly. [Arugamama wo Itoshisa yo] Written & Composed by Tatsuhiro Nishinosono Arranged by Takeo Suzuki A.Guitars:Keiichi Hosokawa Drums:Ryo Sakuma Keyboards:Takeo Suzuki Chorus: Tatsuhiro Nishinosono Sound Produced by Keiichi Hosokawa Vocal Direction & Chorus Arrangement:KWANI Mixing&Recording Engineer:Kazumi Tokue Recorded at STUDIO MEGUROSOUKO/MOMIJI lounge STUDIO/Studio Kohi Mastering Engineer:Soichiro Nakamura (PEACE MUSIC) Mastered at PEACE MUSIC Jacket Art:Yuhki Kaneda Management Office:OFFICE PSC NISHINOSONO TATSUHIRO Official Website OFFICE PSC Website