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The song is in Japanese with lyrics written by moya herself. The song was created by U-SKE ASADA, a music producer, who realized moya's wish to sing the Japanese lyrics written by moya herself in English and deliver them to the world, In addition, renowned musicians from around the world participated in the recording. The guitarist was John Carpio from Ecuador, the drummer was Darío de la Rosa from Spain who lives in the U.S., and the bass player was Colin Sankey from Canada. The music video was directed by Dai Hasegawa. The school uniforms worn in the video are from Lucy Pop, a JK school uniform brand for which moya is a global model. The music video is a must-see not only for her singing, but also for her dance moves.

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This is My Story

Apple Music • J-Pop Top Videos • Italy • TOP 19 • 8 Jan 2024

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  • moa

    A 13-year-old Japanese girl, she has been working as a global model for JK Seifuku brand "Lucy Pop" since May 12, 2023, and made her debut as a music artist on November 12, 2023 with "This is My Story", all English lyrics, from moya records, a music label she founded. She aims to perform not only in Japan but also all over the world. "This is My Story" has 24,800 Spotify listeners and 282,700 views; the music video has 100,000 YouTube views.

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