Prélude aux Métamorphosesのジャケット写真

Prélude aux Métamorphoses



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フランス国内で活躍するアーティストMinot-Gormezano の写真作品、「Prélude aux Métamorphoses Ⅴ,1955」のために作曲した新作。
写真家であるGilbert Gormezano氏への追悼を込めて、ジャケットのモデルでもあるPierre Minot氏と今回のプロジェクトがスタートしました。


  • 土持悠孝

    Yukou Tsuchimochi / Monk, Musician Born in 1984 in Kyoto. Performs the composition, installation and provides music to TV and radio. He is interested in communicating with people using sound and participates in various art festivals and group exhibitions. His CDs are sold in domestic galleries and web shops. And more, he collaborates as a calligrapher with the apparel brand "KOZABURO" Since 2017. -Work- ・1st CD Album 「light and thread」…2011 ・2nd CD Album「Place Here」…2013 ・3nd CD Album「A Fruit」…2018 -Music offer- ・HAKUHODO …Team-6% NewAM21 Radio song (200 8) ・OBSERAI…”Young Portfolio” Skyperfect tv (2012), “Gion Sasaki” (2014) -Live & Exhibition- ・2007 Museum Café MADO LOUNGE in Roppongi Hills(Tokyo) ・2009〜2013 Art Festival Happy maker in Koyasan (Wakayama) ・2009〜2014 KYOTO ART CENTER, C.A.P KOBE(Kobe) Urbanguild (Kyoto), Saihoji-temple (Kyoto), gallery ie (Osaka), gallery yolcha(Osaka) ・2018…Music for slideshow of “ISSAN” and “TRYADHVAN” by Eriko Koga at Irie Taikichi Memorial Museum of Photography (Nara) A new work composed for "Prélude aux Métamorphoses V, 1995", a photo work by Minot-Gormezano, an artist active in France. For mourning of photographer Gilbert Gormezano, this project started with jacket model Pierre Minot. In addition, this work will be announced during recentyears by installation. This time, only the sound source will be announced.


Yukou Tsuchimochi