1. Cnk
  2. Subliminal
  3. Ten years
  4. Twilight
  5. Change me
  6. Amnesty

Twichem's first mini album that attracts attention as full-fledged alternative music that adults can listen to, with songs that sublime the UK rock + pop songs to the pop area and silky singing voices. One piece that allows you to fully enjoy the unique worldview, such as "twilight", a representative song played with beautiful melodies and overwhelming singing skills, and "change me", a popular song that sets out a new definition of rock.

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Spotify • Edge! • 2020年4月8日


The melody is based on UK sound but has Japanese melancholy. The lyrics are a lot of love and a little irony and splinter. Finish the UK rock + pop songs with 90s grunge and alternative essences. The highlight is the expressive power of tacachica as a vocalist. Contrary to the blurred character when you show a glimpse during the live, the silky voice that speaks sometimes sounds like prayer.

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