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Shadow (feat. 9m88)

Elephant Gym

現在 幾點 怎麼還是失眠

靈魂和身體開始分裂 變的不太敏銳

一個我昏昏欲睡 另一個我卻站在

房間 對面 笑得合不攏嘴


會瓦解你的和諧 喔 也是我的和諧

太多噪音 讓人頭暈目眩

假裝驕傲的自卑 太膚淺


以為該停留 在他們眼神裡



已來不及阻擋 刻畫在心裡



光 劃破了整個黑夜 劃破了我的臉

還活在夢裡的我 只是你的幻覺

你 用力得張開雙眼 什麼都看不見

只活在夢裡的我 又被留在昨天

現在 幾點 陽光變得刺眼

身體來不及甦醒 靈魂被逼迫到邊界

喝掉了再多咖啡 卻還是感到疲捲

想再入睡 隔絕這個世界

隔絕所有無聊意見 保護好我的和諧


原來 一直停留在 他們的風景



我在這荒土上 看見遙遠的你

一步步走到了 這裡


光 劃破了整個黑夜 劃破了我的臉

過去活在夢裡的我 只是你的幻覺

你 用力得擋住光線 來到我的面前

抓住快要消失的我 開始奔跑的瞬間


現在活在夢裡的我 不再只是幻覺

用力得擋住光線 來到我的面前

抓住快要消失的我 開始奔跑的瞬間

  • Lyricist

    9m88, Elephant Gym

  • Composer

    9m88, KT Chang

Dreams Front Cover

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Mysterious object reveals, the drum sound from the rite arouses. Flares are blazing, the soul slides through water surface. The breath lits up the air, the body as a sacrifice. I hear myself, in this dream.

The third original album from Elephant Gym <Dreams> records 12 songs (13 songs in Japanese edition). Discovering the deep space-time continuum that consciousness cannot capture.

Apart from band instruments, this album blends wind instruments, traditional dums, Taiwanese narrative songs. Collaborating with Hakka singer-song-writer Lin Sheng Xiang and pop-musician 9m88, who are remarkable in jazz, soul and R&B genre, this album narrates a fantastical dream that crosses the boundary. After receiving the album, please do close your eyes, enjoy the dream.

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  • Elephant Gym

    Formed in 2012, Elephant Gym is a three-piece band from Kaohsiung, Taiwan, known for melodic and emotional bass-driven tracks filled with gentle, beautiful and rhythmic guitar and drum ensemble. In early times their music has been based on instrumental, sometimes associated with Math Rock, but the band often features vocals recently expressing their sophisticated song-writing skills and performing techniques with the growing influences of Jazz, Soul, Hip Hop, Alternative and Indie Rock, Film Music etc. As the band matures, their music surpasses the musical genre or category. Elephant Gym is also fond of other art forms ane collaborated with Japanese R&B band, WONK, Taiwan aboriginal singers, film directors, modern dance group, and theater actors trying to create an art world of Elephant Gym. While they are one of the important and representing band in Taiwan, they have also attracted attention around the world having been invited to Summer Sonic (Japan), Super Strawberry Festival (China), Music Matters (Singapore), Mega Port Festival (Taiwan) and many other significant Festivals in Asia. In 2018, Elephant Gym worked with Topshelf Records in the US, WORDS Recordings in Japan and Space Circle in China to release their second album "Underwater" worldwide and started their first world tour (Canada, Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Japan, China, Malaysia, Singapore, USA, Taiwan, UK, Europe). Shows in Toronto, Tokyo, Malaysia, Singapore, and all 6 cities in the US were sold out, and they performed over 100 shows all around the world by the end of 2019. In November 2019, Tyler, The Creator invited them to perform his hosting festival "Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival" at LA Dodger Stadium. In May 2022, they will release their 3rd full album "Dreams", and one of the biggest festival in Asia, Fuji Rock Festival, announced them in their 1st lineup for 2022 acts.

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