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  • Silentroom

    Born in 1998, I learned piano, electone, and music theory during my school years. At the age of 10, I started self-studying computer music composition. My music is influenced by a variety of musical cultures, such as game music, electronic dance music, choral music, classical, and jazz. I create electronic music in diverse styles without being confined to a single genre. I sincerely engage with the ideas I receive from the works of my predecessors, incorporating various contexts within myself, and strive to create inspirational pieces that expand well-established cultures and nurture the music of a new generation. I have composed dozens of music pieces for various music games, each with its own varied characteristics, including original and featured tracks for both arcade and mobile rhythm games. My works can be found in "Arcaea," "CHUNITHM," "Lanota," "SOUND VOLTEX," "Tone Sphere," "Taiko no Tatsujin," and other notable titles. -- Official site: -- Bandcamp:

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  • Dictate

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