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Fader ~many love affairs~

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"Fader ~many love affairs~"
-Fader Featuring Collaboration Series Complete Album-

U.for's solo song "Fader" was released on September 28th and is a song about a woman who is headstrong in love.
The "Fader Collaboration Series" will feature a variety of male artists collaborating with the strong woman in love depicted in "Fader" to depict various love stories between men and women, each with their own unique approach to answering the question.

SMOOTH, the leader of "WITHDOM," sotenbo and YU-KI's unit "Gear 2nd," PEACE, a member of "RAP OBAKE," BGY, the leader of "ROYALcomfort," and Hawk, a popular rapper from Yokohama, are among the artists who have collaborated on the series, which is being distributed in advance. The collaboration singles have been selected for various official playlists, and the collaboration series has become a hot topic.

The complete album includes the original song "Fader" by U.for, all five Collaboration Series singles, and an album-exclusive collaboration song with DELARYOTA, a member of Nagoya's famous 3-piece vocal unit "Monday Dirty Jokes"!

U.for and 6 male artists, you can enjoy the love stories of 7 people in 7 different colors of the rainbow in this collection of "Fader" romance songs!

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