new ape Front Cover


new ape


We are the ape

We are the new ape

We are the WAVES

We are the new WAVES


Protect you

Before it's too late

We are just apes

You are the ape

You are not the only one

This is the voice

This is the name of our pride

"never be the one"

"we are the only one"

"can't you be the one" (Why?why?why?)

We take back our pride again

Spit my words

Spit my voice

Spit my cards

Away to you


Let me fall

Fuck you all

Hey show me your wonderful crown

Your words like a stone

Please tell me a way to

Get you silence and defeat you

We take back our pride again

This is the new ape

This is the new wave

You can't kill me

'cuz i'm already inside you

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new ape Front Cover

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WAVES 2nd.Digital Single
"new ape"