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"Snow Monster (frost covered tree)" by Zao, which is woven with special weather conditions and vegetation. He wants many people to know about the current situation in which the green pine that forms the ice is dying from insect food damage and to know "Zao's present" by leaving behind his work. Snow monsters are watching us struggle against this age and live every day. Believe that even if you can't see it, the thick, long roots will continue to grow and spring will come and bloom big flowers. It's a winter cheer song with a message that you won't give up until the day you make a comeback, proudly like snow monsters.

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Snow Monster

iTunes Store • Reggae TOP SONGS • Taiwan • TOP 1 • 12 Feb 2023 iTunes Store • Reggae TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 2 • 11 Jan 2023

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  • HAWKER 9

    A singer-songwriter from Yamagata, Tohoku. His overseas experience in New York and Jamaica brings together R&B and Reggae to create a new pop music style that attracts support from a wide range of people, young and old. LaFrance, which sings Yamagata dialect stylishly, became a hot topic of conversation, and Snow Monster, which is based on Zao's snow covered tree, topped the iTunes reggae chart in Japan and Taiwan. He won the "YBC Singing King" in 2023, and from April 2024, the YBC radio program "HAWKER 9's Plus One Love" will be broadcast every Friday at 21:15. In 2024, Monthly Release Planning in Progress!

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