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Aina Shomo's long-awaited midsummer EP mini-album

Includes 3 songs made over the course of half a year!

Longing for adult love in midsummer...
Even though I'm hurt and hurt, I yearn for people...
And I made a song about what I want to protect.

It became 3 songs like Aina Shomo's Summer!

Artist Profile

  • Aina Shomo

    In 2020, she changed her name from Anna Shomo and made a new start. A singer songwriter who has the catchphrase of the rumored Taiyo Musume and suits the positive and bright everlasting summer. Although the song is not new, it has a timeless melody and sound, and is a humorous and interesting song that can be enjoyed by both children and adults. During live performances, the performances are highly entertaining and the audience can't help but dance along to the choreography. I aim for the Kohaku Uta Gassen while performing live activities and dinner shows, which are my life's work, mainly in Tokyo. Currently, she is active as a top live creator who captivates listeners with his overwhelming live performance under the nickname Atsune in the live streaming that started during the coronavirus pandemic. Achieved 1st place in the world in the singer category in 2020. 17LIVE 250k followers December 2022 TiKTok LIVE ALL STARS 2022 won the highest award in the music category June 2023 Certified as LIVE Pro by TikTok, which is the proof of an excellent TikTok LIVE creator December 2023 Won first place in the music category of TiKTok LIVE All Stars 2023 for the second consecutive year and won the TikTok Awards 2023 LIVE Music Creator of the Year given to the year's outstanding creators.

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