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Quiqman (Koichi Shibata), who is known for producing the Dance Mania series.
He has also provided songs for AKB48 and Yokohama DeNA Baystars.
Besides from his producing career he has released several songs including StepManiaX, arcade games music, from the United States as a singer.
The lyrics to this song is written by Chris Chiari. COSMIC DRIVE features a high-tone voice and Italian Eurobeat power-filled intro.
This song also features hard rock guitarist Kazuhiro Ito and shakuhachi player Kizen Oyama.
This song takes the original component of Italian EUROBEAT and adds a beautful essence of japanese flavour.

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  • Quiqman

    Koichi Shibata's Clubtrack Project Quiqman (Koichi Shibata) (Composer / Arranger / Singer) From the age of 18, he studied music, including music composition and arrangement with Jin Haneoka, and sound produe with Takehumi Haketa. A major release only about two years after the music started. There are many expression genres, and the names are changed depending on the work. In 2000, he provided remixes to the "Toshiba EMI Dance Mania Series," which had become a social phenomenon, and worked on many nonstop mixes. In 2007, he established KAZE JAPAN RECORD and became a label producer. In charge of numerous composition and arrangements, he himself participates in "Akane" and "Stelth Drive" and continues his energetic activities. In 2014, he composed "AKB48 / Watashi Leaf" and in 2015 compose and arranged "Yokohama DeNA Baystars / Happy Star Dance". (Popular not only at Yokohama Stadium but also in the Japanese baseball world) ~ Achievements ~ Dance mania Euro Happy Paradise "If you were here (Quiqman mix)" (4th place on Oricon's first appearance) Anime SPEED Newtype EDITION Monthly Newtype tie-up Album Produce NONSTOP MIX "Cruel Angel's Thesis (Quiqman mix)", "Aozora no Namida", "Over Z Zoku" and several other songs arranged Arranged by Himetra SPEED "Cruel Angel's Thesis (Quiqman mix)" (11th place on Oricon chart, 1st on Oricon chart) AKB48 5th album "Tsugi no Ashiato" (Type B) "Watashi Leaf" composition (Oricon week 1st, month 1st, year 1st, 29th Japan Gold Disc Awards Album of the Year) Stealth Drive "WHITE HEART", arranged by "yayoi ~ Yayoi ~" diana (Yokohama DeNA Baystars) "Happy Star Dance" composition / arrangement / "Shooting star" lyrics: composition / arrangement, etc. In charge of music directed by Shinya Miyakotori, "The Signal of Hope", "To the Future after 1000 Years", "Susumu Masuda, Living with Patients"

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