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The theme song and insert song of a voice drama CD depicting the activities of Minamoto no Yoshitsune.
It is an adventure action swashbuckler in which the friendly and cool "Ore-sama" Yoshitsune and attractive characters fight.
Not only voice actors but also actors who continue to play an active part in various places such as the stage and sword fighting are appointed as casts, and it is a work with reality and listening.

The title of the theme song written by Kenta Kaiyo of Sumurus ( for this work is "Hyakka Ryouran".
Masaki Nakagawa, a music creator (, is in charge of singing the songs that consist of the exhilaration of the world of the work and the sound of Japanese rock.
The lyrics were written by Asami Nosaka (, who is also the creator of this work.

Kaori Kawabuchi, nicknamed "LADY SAMURAI (", was in charge of singing the insert song.
Kaori Kawabuchi, who also appears as a cast in this work, carefully expressed the feelings of the script and wrote the lyrics.
The song brought to life by KAO = S ( will emotionally add color to the work as "Burning Flower-DHY".

DARK HERO Yoshitsune is a work that perfectly reflects the single-minded life of Minamoto no Yoshitsune, who was cornered, suffered and survived until the end of his short life.
These wonderful songs will surely change the world view of the work to make it even more attractive and teach us the importance of looking forward and not stopping.

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Hyakka Ryoran

iTunes Store • Anime TOP SONGS • Spain • TOP 1 • 21 Nov 2021

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