New Life Together (feat. Mikihito Tanaka, Shinsuke Usui & Asuka Yamashita) [Live at Tokyo Azabu Theater, 2022] Front Cover

New Life Together (feat. Mikihito Tanaka, Shinsuke Usui & Asuka Yamashita) [Live at Tokyo Azabu Theater, 2022]

Katsura CreaSion & Aoi Takabatake

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Studio Q 10th Memorial Performance / Azabu Theater Market 260th Performance "Independent Country Tondemonai Land Disturbance"Commemorative release single of the theme song "New Life Together ».Producer&Script Writer: Hisashi Takabatake Director: Junko Toyonaga Lyrics : Takuo Kobayashi Theme song composed by Katsura CreaSionVocals, Piano,Shakuhachi: Jumelles(Aoi&Katsura) Cellist: Shinsuke Usui Bassist: Chris Percussion: Asuka Yamashita Sound Direction, Arrangement, Guitars, Mixing, Mastering : Mikihito Tanaka Casting Actors: Satomi Uchida, Hitoshi Ikeda, Tamami Ogi ,Rina Shinmiya, Minami Asahina , Ryosuke Kato, Kenji Horikoshi, Taro Danjo, Katsuya Kobayashi (video appearance) September 9th, 10th, 11th 2022. Art Direction: Chika Kato Lighting: Yasushi Kuramoto Sound: Hiroto Komori Artistic Director: Takuo Kobayashi, Publicity Art: Youko Matsuda, Sumire Hashimoto, Online Video in the Play: Masato Kozutsumi, Stage Photography: Kousuke Kakugawawa, Directing Assistant: Rena Karasuda

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  • Katsura CreaSion

    Katsura is the only Japanese shakuhachi musician, known to date in Europe, she is also a member of SACEM and her works are listed there. After obtaining a flute diploma at the Ecole Normale de Musique in Paris, she made her debut as a singer-songwriter at the Nippon Columbia in 2001, she has released seven albums, including solo albums and others in collaboration. The key moment in her career was when she became aware of her Japanese identity and her return to her roots was expressed with an unconditional love for Shakuhachi, she became the disciple of Teruo FURUYA in 2009 alongside her Sensei, she has perfected her art. She has several strings to her bow, and Katsura is also a fashion designer.

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  • Aoi Takabatake

    Composer. Singer-songwriter. Singing with the piano and biwa. vocalist. From the third year of high school, he became a disciple of composer Akiyuki Noda. Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, majoring in composition, majoring in music, and completed graduate school at the same university. Many of the works presented at the school are selected as excellent works. 2 original CDs published on the Jumelles Music label. His works have been commissioned in Japan and overseas, and he has created and arranged a wide range of works, from classical music to contemporary music, opera, orchestral music and concertos, film and theater accompaniment music, choral music, world music with folk instruments, and popular songs. In recent years, he has been apprenticed to Masayuki Fujii, a Shite-kata Noh actor of the Hosho school, and Momoka Enomoto, a Satsuma Biwa player. Actively writes scripts for waka poems and plays, and also performs Japanese reading and singing. Representative of Jumelles Music Japan branch. He is a member of the 21st Century Music Association and the Japan Biwa Music Association. Full-time lecturer at Ueno Gakuen University. Lecturer at Wayo Women's University.

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