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I looked up the golden sky with holding tears in my eyes.

This song is the pray for all the people who struggling with "lost" such as precious family, pet, relationships etc...
We cannot avoid "the lost" in our lives. Sometimes we can't handle it, couldn't hold the tears, also we can't accept the truth. Big sadness might hit us badly and making us stop to move.
OCHIYO wrote this song to be in your side, keep you warm, until you feel better and be able to move forward again.

"Can you feel the people's love from the earth?"

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    Her music journey began on April 12, 2016. She was raised in Sydney, Australia and currently resides in Japan. She plays the guitar mainly, and creates instrumental music and writes lyrics and music, utilising a looper at the performance. Her singing voice, which has been called the "voice of an angel" by listeners from around the world, combined with the sound of her guitar, and her performance in traditional Japanese attire, continue to fascinate people. Through her music activities, she has been appointed as a kimono and advertising model for rental kimono shops, among others. She uses aNueNue guitars and is taking steps to become an official guitarist/singer-songwriter, including receiving proposals and making custom guitars from the founder of aNueNue. She has also appeared in internet commercials and provided voice-over narration for various live streaming apps, after gaining experience on various platforms as a streamer in japan. She is also a radio DJ for the radio program "Domikyun" on AIR-G' FM Hokkaido Japan. Currently, she is using the platform Twitch to expand her multi-faceted activities beyond music to the world.

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