1. chameleon man
  2. B.I.M -reboot @ EDEN-
  3. Furikonifuretahi
  4. Yukihito, Kuruhito
  5. houkou Golden time
  6. good-bye
  7. natsu melo
  8. Q
  9. saigono sunahama
  11. warau hana
  12. syoutai
  13. Midori
  14. original lucky

"Kayo Rock"
In Japanese, the Japanese-made melody, of the type that refreshing and listen to loud sound, it is pop music! Why do not you touch the world of Shimowada? "
Is song selection the music that has been made with singer-songwriter "Shimowada Hiroki" Gakoko three years of playing in the voice actor has been summarized in a single album.

Hiroki Shimowada

In a wide range of vocal range and unique voice, until the number of dubbing works and animation, working as a voice actor-narrator. Music activities, activities in parallel with the voice actor activities. Playing, singing from the songwriting, and television and radio programs from drama CD and games, and is doing the music provided to a large number to popular voice actor unit "Team Yu ~ Taku". And it turned into CD the culmination of music until now than art sonic, debut. * Such as the main voice of appearance / "Sengoku BASARA / Ranmaru Mori," "Fragments / dog Kaishin Tsukasa of scarlet," "Captain Earth / pack".

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