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Kotori Kawashima, a photographer, Kentaro Minoura, a painter known for his artwork for Ging Nang BOYZ, painting and producing, and obi comments with the support of Sou Matsumoto (GOING UNDER GROUND). Released a new song for the first time in about 6 years since the release of the first album "Peace Sign".
This time, Gt. Sawano Hiroto (CREATE ACTiONS / PINK POLITICS) Ba. Kimura Yoshihiro (Japonica Song Sun Bunch) Dr. Super Nagai (LIFE IS WATER BAND / THE SENSATIONS / KRITICAL HIT) Mixed & Mastered. It is a band version. In addition, Hiroyuki Futaki (contemporary artist) was in charge of Artwork Design.

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  • takapou

    Takapou is a Japanese singer-songwriter. He specializes in pop and catchy melodies and life-size lyrics, and has been active on the streets, bars, and live houses since 2010. In 2016, the 1st album "Peace Sign" was released nationwide [Kotori Kawashima cover photo, Kentaro Minoura picture & production, liner notes Sou Matsumoto (GOING UNDER GROUND)]. In May 2020, "Shin Nonfiction" will be distributed on the YouTube channel. From April 2021, the radio program "Takapou no Shin no Radio" with various guests will be distributed as a podcast, and he continues to be active not only in music. In August 2022, the new song "Spring breeze", which was recorded in the first band version for the first time in about 6 years, and "Skip and love" in October, will be released digitally in quick succession.

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