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Udagawa Bekkan Band, the first release song in 2022 is "Eight knot"

"Eight knot" is a "figure-eight knot", which is one of the ways to tie a rope that makes the bond stronger as you pull each other.

This song, which is sung about the bonds and ties that are formed by talking with friends at a bar and exchanging cups, is inspired by the event "Eight knot" that was once held at "300 BAR" in Ginza. ..

The release date of the song, 2.10, is also the anniversary of the opening of "DINING BAR JAM" in Koenji by "Yuichiro Kawabata", the former store manager of "300 BAR".

High-quality music that Vo. Hiro boiled down while thinking about the bonds with friends that have continued from the "300 BAR" era to "DINING BAR JAM".

LD & K's naughty designer "Naoto Mizuno" has brilliantly contained the good music cultivated through such long-standing friendship in a jacket design inspired by the lid of a bottle filled with JAM.

The food and beverage industry in 2022, where the rough waves of the corona continue to rush.

Allies fighting at the forefront of the food and beverage industry, "DINING BAR JAM", "Udagawa Cafe Annex", "300 BAR".

The "figure-eight knot" that connects the three has the potential of ∞.

Listen to "Eight knot" when you're about to be swallowed by a pandemic storm.

Let's connect each other's hearts strongly with "figure eight knot" and set sail with the UBB crew to the ocean named Life !!! Show me your soul !!!

Text by Eigo Motozawa.

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Eight knot

iTunes Store • R&B/Soul TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 62 • 10 Feb 2022

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Eight knot

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    Started activities as "Udagawa Bekkan Band" around 2010. Vo's Hiroyoshi Motozawa is the manager of "Udagawa Cafe Bekkan a.k.a Lovers Rock" in Udagawacho, Shibuya, celebrating its 19th year this year, while also starting activities as a representative of the music label "U-Town Records". While appearing as MC at ``Fuji Rock Festival'', ``Asagiri JAM'', etc., at the event ``Udagawa Half Time Show'' co-sponsored with Shibuya Beer, he has performed ``Enshrined DOPENESS'', ``Moomin'', ``Libro''. , J-Rexxx, Maekawa Shingo (Kariyushi 58), Insisto, DJ JIN (RHYMESTER), DJ YAS, Hazu, CHOZEN LEE from Fireball, Utamaru ( RHYMESTER), Mummy-D (RHYMESTER) and other gorgeous guests that transcend the boundaries of genres and begin to attract attention. Released 1st Single "3 Anniversary" in 2013. April 28, 2017 Released 1st album "Udagawa Bekkan Band" from LD&K. August 31, 2018 Released "Shibuya is my town" from LD&K. In the spring of 2019, the 7-inch record "Moonlight Beerhall / Thank You Sayonara" will be released from the Udagawa Cafe label. On August 31, 2020, the 2nd album "Shibuya is your town" will be released from U-Town Records. In this work, the long-awaited co-starring with Mr. "Mummy-D", who is Microphone No.2 of King of Stage "RHYMESTER", is realized with "Ura Shibuya Anthem". On November 20th of the same year, "UCB & UBB 10th Anniversary Festival" was held at Yokohama 1000CLUB to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the cafe and the band. "Mummy-D", "DJ JIN", "Chozen Lee", "Three1989", "Gravityfree" and many other artists were invited as special guests, and the best session was held, even in the corona vortex. On April 28, 2021, "Udagawa Cafe 20th Anniversary Party" will be held at "Shibuya CLUB QUATTRO". Following Yokohama 1000 CLUB, special guests such as "Mummy-D", "Chozen Lee & THE BANG ATTACK", "Shingo Maekawa (Kariyushi 58)", and "Eito" who made a big break with "perfume" were welcomed in Udagawa-cho. A special session that can only be seen will be shown. Udagawacho's ``Always Drunk Band'' is looking forward to the day when we can ``live toast'' with you with the theme of ``Cheers to Japan from Shibuya!!!'' without losing to the coronavirus!!!

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