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"Apologize when you can and forgive when you can."
The feelings of those days when you could not be honest because your pride got in the way will change over time. Instead of forcing yourself to apologize or forgive now, I want you to spend your days as if that time will come, and if that time has come, I want you to notice it.
The spice in the title of the song means that if you eat it as it is, it may be bitter or peculiar, but if you stew it and let it sit for some time, it will become the flavor you need. The things we could not forgive or apologize for are also spices of life.
This song is a song that does not deny the instability and imperfection that everyone has in their hearts, but shares the frustration.

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iTunes Store • Alternative TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 20 • 29 Sep 2022

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  • satori

    Singer-songwriter who continues his musical activities while continuing his activities as a member of society [satori] A life-sized artist who spins the instability and imperfections that everyone has, and the weaknesses and strengths that are hidden in the heart. The songs that illuminate the listener's story are captivating and have gained the support of a wide range of generations. A multi-player that can handle all the work from songwriting to arrangement and mixing, and can produce various kinds of music regardless of genre.

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