Izu tour

  1. Odoriko's tears
  2. Jogasaki trumpet
  3. Capybara Hinata
  4. Little panda boy
  5. Manatee is warm
  6. Crocodile is Japanese style Western style
  7. Beyond Izu
  8. Fascination
  9. The eyes of dogashima
  10. Railroad Song-Limited Express Odoriko's Theme

From Atami, through the Ito Line and Izukyu Line, pass through Higashiizu-cho and Minamiizu-cho, and tour around Nishiizu.
You can enjoy not only beautiful sea and blue sky, but also various encounters with local animals.
Let's go on a trip to Izu.


Born in Saitama Prefecture. While learning the piano from childhood, mood music (easy listening systems) and the 16-year-old started music arranged by himself. While at graduate school of Arts and letters, 10/2006, collection of poems "Sparkle poetry Vinaya self-published, also in the same year began composing in earnest. This production was self produced CD. From now on, both old and new styles in a variety of genres, and want to continue to work on.

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