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Everyone dreams of being a "superstar" at least once in their life.

The kind of person who can't save everyone in the world, but can protect you, the most important person in the world.

Your own "Superstar" song

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Superstar (temporary )

Apple Music • New In: J-Pop • 2 Jun 2023

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    TOKUMIX is a two-headed "Acoustic Rock Singer" who plays a fiery guitar with a melting voice. 2020 Started posting songs on YouTube with a single acoustic guitar. His intense guitar playing and sweet voice, which is hard to believe that he is just playing and singing, have gained popularity among young people, and the number of subscribers to his channel has exceeded 331,106. In January 2021, he posted his original song "0.03mm. The song's unique and addictive lyrics drew a strong response and recorded 1,639,775 views on YouTube.

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