Sugar Beach Blues

  1. Beach Parasol
  2. Red Light District
  3. Kumano
  4. Sugar Beach Blues


"LESS IS MORE," is a statement by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. It means 'the less, the richer' and speaks for the beauty of simple design and Minimalism, in other words, aesthetics of subtraction. Apparently Rohe conceived this statement when he was watching a Japanese garden. Keeping this Rohe's statement in mind, we have been trying to convey Japanese people's unique sense of beauty and the charm of the Kumano district to all the world through our music performances of the String Quartet. Our unique and original music, blending classical music, jazz and rock, was introduced and taught in classes at a college in New York City, adopted in a TV commercial and has attracted a great deal of attention both in Japan and international.

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