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iTunes Store • Hip-Hop/Rap TOP ALBUMS • Japan • TOP 23 • 26 Jul 2021

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  • kedy

    In 2020, he rapped and produced for the first time on the EP "TRANSPARENCY" with MIKIO. He then began his career as a solo artist. He raps, produces, mixes, masters, and edits videos all by himself. In 2021, he released several singles and his first EP, "CHRONICLE". His first self-produced. The song "World" on the EP represents chaos. On SoundCloud, he uses free beats for his musical activities. In the summer of 2021, he released his first album "COULROPHOBIA". It was a self-produced work of kedy and 22 songs that peek into various expressions in the circus. In the spring of 2022, he released his 2nd EP, "CAFUNE". It was produced on a theme involving sleep induction and hip-hop. On "Ninnananna," he enlisted his cat in the chorus. In 2023, after the release of 'NARUTO' and 'CYBER LOSS', I released 'Hanamizuki' featuring Hitoto Yo. Then, I dropped 'Chemical' using beats from my channels 'R1vaA' and 'Ichirokugo165'. The official music video is now streaming on Kedy's YouTube channel.

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