Front Cover

Sound Graffiti

  1. Wonderland
  2. Rhapsody of The Rain
  3. Escape
  4. Komorebi
  5. Yuunagi
  6. Jack Rose
  7. Silk Night
  8. Dreams of Man
  9. Kagero
  10. Yume no Tsuzuki
  11. Sea Breeze
  12. Amber Night
  13. Life
  14. A Letter Named Love
  15. Sepia Moon
  16. Wonderland (Karaoke)
  17. Rhapsody of The Rain (Karaoke)
  18. Escape (Karaoke)
  19. Komorebi (Karaoke)
  20. Yuunagi (Karaoke)
  21. Jack Rose (Karaoke)
  22. Silk Night (Karaoke)
  23. Dreams of Man (Karaoke)
  24. Kagero (Karaoke)
  25. Yume No Tsuduki (Karaoke)
  26. Sea Breeze (Karaoke)
  27. Amber Night (Karaoke)
  28. Life (Karaoke)
  29. A Letter Named Love (Karaoke)
  30. Sepia Moon (Karaoke)

Yasuhiro Kazama remixed and remastered the three titles "One World", "Forest Corridor" and "Bar Nostalgia" released from 2014 to 2016.
Moreover, it is a luxurious work that also included a karaoke version.

Yasuhiro Kazama

Born in Sapporo, Hokkaido. Singer-songwriter, keyboardist & sound producer. In 2012, with the release of CD Single "Under The Sakura Tree", he started solo activities in full swing. While doing lots of live performances for years, CD album works are constantly released. He is active actively based in local Sapporo. He is a multiplayer and plays every instrument such as guitar, bass, piano, saxophone, percussion, pedal steel. As a sound producer of Independent label "Sepia Moon Records", he has a reputation for sound arrangement familiar with jazz, classical, folk, Japanese traditional music, etc., as well as many artists and musicians in and out of Hokkaido he is working on the musical production.

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