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[Sayonara Mio-chan Profile]
"Sayonara Mio-chan" is an omnidirectional entertainment group based in Sapporo, Hokkaido. In any case, their live performances are known for their amazing energy. Formed in Sapporo in the summer of 2014. Calling themselves an ``all-round entertainment group,'' they performed live performances with American soldiers at US military bases, and overcame numerous deadly battles such as crossing electric steel beams and playing mahjong with their own blood on the line, leading to their current formation. Since 2015, he has expanded his activities outside of Hokkaido, appearing at circuit festivals such as "Unlimited'' and "TOKYO CALLING" We released 3 demo sound sources and sold out about 500 copies each. From 2018, they have accelerated their activities and have appeared at various festivals such as "BAYCAMP" and circuit events such as "FM NORTH WAVE & WESS presents IMPACT!XIII" and "Shimokitazawa SOUND CRUSING". The current membership structure will be established in 2021. On October 5, 2022, the first full-length album of his career, "And to the Second", will be released at CD stores nationwide. On January 25, 2024, the single "Ayanami" will be digitally released from EVOL RECORDS, and the second single "Friends and God" will be released as a digital single on April 10, 2024.

[Friends and God Music Commentary](Written by Yayoi Hino)
As I live my daily life, there are times when I feel that some great force is happening around me, and that in the end I can't decide anything and just act on that force. That may be a good thing or a bad thing. In layman's terms, it might be something like "fate," but I want to change fate with my own hands because of Weekly Shonen Jump Girl = my version of Chuunibyou Syndrome. It is one of a kind.
This song is for my friends and lovers who have colored my life so far. For example, if there really is a god that controls destiny, this song is sung to that god.
An important song to me. I would be very happy if the song became an important song to someone. Be it so. A very good friend of mine, who I've known for 10 years, said to me, ``This song is my favorite.'' That's what makes me the happiest in the end.
No matter how hard I try, the days continue with nothing I can do. Even such self-conflicts are a kind of entertainment for those with free time.
However, as we spend our days feeling hopeless, we, the free people, have no choice but to live each day, dreaming of a miraculous tomorrow where we can play with friends, laugh with our lovers, and rely on God.
And if I could become someone's friend, lover, or God. If you think so, then I can't help but believe that this is the greatest joy in your life. Let's try our best to fight through the hopeless days.

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Friends and god

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  • sayonaramiochan

    北海道札幌市在住、全方位型エンターテイメント集団「さよならミオちゃん」。と にかくライブの熱量が凄いともっぱらの評判。自分たちでもそう思う節がある。 2014年夏、札幌で結成。「全方位型エンターテイメント集団」と名乗り、米軍基 地で米兵相手にライブを重ね、電流鉄骨渡り、自らの血液を賭けた麻雀など数多 の死闘を乗り越え現編成に至る。 2015年より活動を道外に広げ、「見放題」「TOKYO CALLING」などのサーキットフェスに出演。demo音源を3枚出し、各500枚程を手売りで完売。2018年から は活動のスピードを上げ、「BAYCAMP2018」「BAYCAMP2019」などの各地フェスや「FM NORTH WAVE & WESS presents IMPACT!XIII」「下北沢SOUND CRUSING」などのサーキットイベントに出演。 2021年に現在のメンバー体制となり、本格的に始動。2022年10月5日にキャリア初のフルアルバム「そしてセカンドへ」を各CDショップでリリース。2023年には「BAYCAMP2023」「TOKYO CALLING2023」に出演。12月には札幌VyPass.にてカップル入場料100万円のクリスマス・イヴワンマンライブを行う。

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