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Time Filament (feat. tokiwa)

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This is the first digital single by vocalist/lyricist Risa Yuzuki. The song, composed by tokiwa, is a refreshing song about a sad farewell in summer.

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  • Risa Yuzuki

    Vocalist and lyricist. Born on February 16th in Gifu Prefecture, Japan. She has been active with her own label, Luminaria, since December 2019, regularly releasing self-produced albums and singing and writing lyrics for many music games in Japan and abroad, including "Taiko no Tatsujin" and "SOUND VOLTEX". She is based in Tokyo and is self-produced as a hybrid next-generation Vtuber who goes back and forth between real and virtual life. In June 2023, she held her first solo live at "Shibuya REX", and in January 2024, she successfully held a solo live in Shanghai, China, which was self-produced. Her presence in the streaming field has been growing as well, with inclusion in Tunecore Japan's "Independent AF" and Spotify's official playlists. She is expanding her activities both inside and outside of Japan, including 17,000 subscribers on the Chinese video site bilibili and 21,000 subscribers on her Youtube channel (as of November, 2023).

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