Blue City

  1. Blue City
  2. Dream Song
  3. Waiting For You To Say Goodbye
  4. Kind love to you
  5. MUSIC
  6. Sweet Dreams
  7. Waiting For You To Say Goodbye (Japanese version)
  8. Blue City (Guitar Arrange Version)

She is a soprano voice singer with a soft, transparent sound.She has been a member of a choir since she was three years old, and has performed in concerts, recordings, and back chorus for artists, She grew up with music, performing with an orchestra.In 2015, she started her career as Michiko.She has performed original songs, Pops, Traditional, Classical, Shoka, etc. Singing and Spinning.In 2016, they released their first mini album "My First Spring".In 2018, they released their first all-original music album "Blue City" with Jun Yokoyama as an arranger.
Recording live at BLUESALLEYJAPAN to a packed house.


Michiko. The first album of all songs. All lyrics are written by Michiko. With the orchestra conductor Atsushi Yokoyama in the arrangement, the atmosphere of each song is magnificently delicate.I would like you to hear the sound unique to CD by Mr. Kenta Funayama who was in charge of recording and mixing. Also, the jacket is an image like the picture that was really taken in the building in the image of the album title.The 2018 release celebration live will be held at Blues Alley Japan. This album, which has 8 songs in total, has 6 songs arranged by Dr. Yokoyama, the last 2 songs are recorded with a piano and the guitar performance by the composer.

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