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A new journey in music, led by the sounds of DJ NB'

DJ NB is a talented DJ who captivates people with his unique style and passionate production. He is well-versed in a wide range of musical genres and uses his in-depth knowledge and refined taste to create a unique sound.

His playing style is energetic and dynamic, filled with strong beats and unique track selections that get the audience dancing.

He is a master mixer and has a unique sense of how to choose and connect songs. His sets transition seamlessly and contain momentary climaxes and elements of surprise. He always reads the audience's reactions and maximizes the atmosphere.

DJ NB's performances are always intense, and his passion and energy are palpable to his audience. He is serious about inspiring people through music and providing a memorable party experience.

DJ NB is a captivating DJ with great music selection and skills. His passion and talent for music combine to create the special moments he creates. By experiencing his performances, you will certainly be captivated by the magic of the music.

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    DJ NB Producer / DJ / scratch / Track Maker His career began as a teenager with an interest in scratching. His career has taken him to the realm of creating dance music by reconstructing a variety of beats, regardless of genre, from natural to digital sounds. His originality sometimes comes through DJing, and sometimes through the music he produces. In the 2010s, he won numerous awards, including the DMC In the 2010s, he won numerous awards at the DMC JAPAN, the pinnacle of scratch battles, and from this time on, his activities went beyond the club scene. He has been active in the club scene since then, and has gained support from men and women of all ages, from kindergarteners down to promotion staff of various companies. He is especially active in his hometown of Kumamoto, where he is the official DJ for the "Volters" professional basketball team, and is involved in a variety of other projects. 2017 Released EP "Do Your Best" Provided music for Oficist Muraoka's "Hajimete no Album". It charted on iTunes. In 2028, DJed live for the Bubblegum Brothers to the excitement of 20,000 people. He is one of the hottest DJ/producers in Japan. Translated with (free version)

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