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The second song in Storytellings Episode.1 final release series.

Opening theme song for the stage played "THE GUARDIANS OF WONDER" performed at "HOLYWOOD FRINGE" held in Hollywood in 2023.

A story where the main character is reincarnated in another world and discovers his true hidden strength.

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  • Storytellings

    Storytellings is a Japanese music unit formed in 2022 and produced by composer Yuzuru Jinma. The unit name "Storytellings" means "telling stories," "the art of telling stories," and "oral literature." It is an irreplaceable piece of music that makes the listener imagine a story just like a movie or novel, and that is close to the heart. The name of the unit was chosen from the desire to create a piece of work that can become a piece of life without. Episode.1 (first season) vocalist was "kui." (2022-June 2023). Then, Episode.2 (second period) will start in 2024 with TOA, who was selected in the new vocalist audition, as the new vocalist.

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