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deneb's 4th single.
We emerge from the coronavirus pandemic and enter a new era, we have created yet another new worldview.

A newly written song for [Tsunagu Project] that connects the world project.

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  • deneb

    6 member pop rock band from Hiroshima Itsukaichi With catchy songs, of course live performances that everyone can enjoy We also provide a lot of music for commercials, etc. In 2017, [GLORY] was selected for the Otsuka Pharmaceutical Pocari Sweat commercial in Indonesia. [360°] used in the second WebCM [ONIGIRI] Recorded 5 million views. The song has been viewed more than 30,000 times in one month and is a big break beyond the country. After that, the Facebook article received 200,000 likes, which is unusual for an indie band! get. Regarding this Indonesian Pocari commercial, It has been received by TV, radio, newspapers, etc. and is attracting attention. Not only in Hiroshima, but active in the world as a goal.

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