Luca...September 1 (feat. Emiko Ota) Front Cover

Luca...September 1 (feat. Emiko Ota)

Bluedie, Mika, Takami Isono, Seikoro & Toru

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To you alone.
I can't find the meaning to live.
I hate September 1

Bluedie second single
<Luca...September 1>

G & V : Mika
Ds : Takami
B & V : Seikoro
And G : Toru
Special Thanks. Kb : Emiko Ota

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  • Bluedie

    Stillness and movement. A song that shouts from the end of the world. Intense drum and bass grooves. A sound that draws you into the deep world. A rock band that doesn't fit into Punk, Grange, or Alternative.

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  • Mika

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  • Takami Isono

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