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The first theme of THE SAVAGE is "sun light" and its warm "yellow".
The solid sound supports the base tune is complete produced by the Japanese people "PART2STYLE" that leads the scene of Europe to the Japanese. Naoto Matohara of the "under graph" that continues the wide activity with the nostalgic lyrics as a weapon drew the view of the world of the poem. Miracle chemical reactions by some literary and melancholic lyrics and world leading cutting edge truck make-up. Their potential to manipulate freely while enjoying them. This "loose" and "steep" maximized the charm of five people.

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    September, 2020 organization. They're mixed group of men and women. They consist of these 5 people NADiA,TOMOYA,YUYA,NANA,TAKARA. They are strong people who are active in many field. Ex.Backdancers of various artists,a world famous dance meet championship experienced person,those who participated in a large-scale audition. Though it is scattered, as for the character, smiles do not always die out when there is the very congenial member together. However, the one side as the creator who does not permit all compromise peeps out about "entertainment". Their "lenience and severity" that should be right also known as "double-faced cloth" is the biggest charm of this unit. It continues novel dispatch in every "music" "dance" "fashion" ... culture, and it must be it in the next-generation music scene to be commented, "it is amazing".

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