1. Wolaila

Siamese Cats

All members formed in Urayasu when they were in high school third grade. Since they debut in 2009, the guitar pop band has been active mainly in the search of alternative rock with Japanese lyrics and independent band management, while constantly changing the musicality in a challenging manner. The sound is real and groovy. It is characterized by a blue melody and a world of lyrics cut out from everyday life. From 2016, they left P-VINE, where he was enrolled for three years, and established their own label, TETRA RECORDS. They will do more aggressive releases and tours in the Asian region, expanding the field of activities. In 2018, They appeared in RED MARQUEE STAGE at FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL. Representative works include albums "AFTER HOURS", "Friends Again", "VIRGIN GRAFFITI", EP "TAKE CARE", "Does your town rain too?" November 6, 2019 EP "Hanataba" will be released, and on December 13th, one-man live is scheduled at Shinkiba Studio Coast.

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