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  • Kayu

    As a singer, Kayu began her online activities, delivering songs to people as "the angel who loves to sing." On February 16, 2022, she released her first original song titled "Daydream Orchestra" in collaboration with composer Kana. Link: Daydream Orchestra on YouTube On May 12, 2022, Kayu released "Ramune," an original song for which she handled both lyrics and composition. Link: Ramune on YouTube She is also active as a lyricist and composer. Later, she boldly posted "Ramune" as a live-action music video. The song "Ramune" was nominated on the "SMART USEN MUSIC TANK Selection," a channel featuring selected songs that can be listened to on SMART USEN. Additionally, on Radio FM Salus (84.1MHz), the song "Ramune" was introduced on the program "Sakagami & Dory's Recommen Do!" Link: Radio FM Salus

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