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Mogichuu was formed in 2020, the 7th year, and was launched by the members at that time, called by TETSUYA, who was Ba. & Vo.
After getting a lot of member changes in the last 7 years, he has been active as a three-piece band for 5 years and suspended in October 2017.
After that, in July 2019, it revived for the first time in about two years.
Each member had a separate band
Showkei participated as Vo. & Gt.'S TETSUYA, Gt. & Cho.'S Yu-Chang, Ba. & Cho.'S GENKI and support's Dr. Showkei
The origin of the name of Mr. No. 7 is that "7" is included in the birthdays of all the members, and it was adopted because it is auspicious to celebrate the "7" anniversary of the activity in 2020
The first four songs are four songs from the time of activity formation, including "Lovely Bob" recorded in last year's single of Mogichuu's first MV work.
The 5th to 8th songs are numbers that incorporate Western pop music on a trial basis, and the 9th to 12th songs are finished in Mogichuu's favorite pop-punk taste, including the MV "Sleepless".
Yu-Chang of Gt. & Cho. Is also composing "I'm Always Stupid" and "What are you feeling?"
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Mr. No.7

Apple Music • Punk Top Albums • Japan • TOP 15 • 7 Nov 2020 iTunes Store • Punk TOP ALBUMS • Japan • TOP 85 • 12 Nov 2020


Apple Music • Punk Top Songs • Japan • TOP 168 • 8 Nov 2020

Rock'n Roll Dance Hall

Apple Music • Punk Top Songs • Japan • TOP 167 • 8 Nov 2020

I'm Always Stupid

Apple Music • Punk Top Songs • Poland • TOP 57 • 31 Jan 2021

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  • Mogichuu

    Formed in Tokyo on November 14, 2013. Mogichu = A coined word with a meaning that transcends the word "the best that cannot be expressed in words" A pop punk band that performs emo, rap, and mixture numbers, and presents a simple and cool pop sound. "Mogichuu" On July 21st, 2019, it will be revived at TENJIKU in Akasaka, Tokyo for the first time in two years! Tickets sold out! ! First single CD in November of the same year "Lovely Girl" launched 1st album on November 7, 2020 "Mr. No.7" was released and ranked 15th on Apple Music Punk Top Album! ! It was held at Akasaka TENJIKU on the same day. "are you Mogichu?? Vol.5" Well then, the ticket sold out is a great success! April 17, 2021 at navey floor AKASAKA "are you Mogichu?? Vol.6" was held and tickets were sold out! 2023 will be the 10th anniversary of the formation, and on March 22nd, the 2nd album will be released for the first time in 3 years. "French Hot Dog" is a digital release! This year is going to be a big year!

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