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This is the second collaborative release by stb (Rapper, Beatmaker, producer, etc.) and Singer Varria of "Good Town Pizza" Crew.
This song is a fusion of Varria's multinational identity and stb's sound and rap, who has provided songs to various major artists.
The collaborative work "182," released last month, has attracted a lot of attention, including being featured on the Spotify playlist "+81 Connect FRESH.

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  • stb

    Rapper/Singer/Songwriter/Beat maker In April 2022, he will begin his career as "stb" in earnest. In 2023, he will start a new career with the theme of "music that touches the emotions", putting his feelings into his voice and lyrics. While keeping HIPHOP at the core of his roots, he freely expresses R&B, POPS, and CHILL-MUSIC through his own filter. In order to output the music he likes in a free way of expression, he is active not only as a rapper but also as a collaborator with various artists as a beatmaker, producer, etc. as he pleases. As SOU by COZMIC CODE of lyricist unit COZMIC CODE, he has provided music to various major artists such as Kana Nishino, 48s, GENERATIONS, from EXILE TRIBE, Kis-My-Ft2, and Korean artists. He has also provided music to various major artists.

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  • Varria

    Varria is a singer/songwriter from Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. Born in 2024. Raised in a global environment with Filipino parents. Varria is a self-proclaimed "genre-defying" artist. Fuses his roots in 70s to 00s Western music with songs from up to the present. He is transmitting music full of originality through his own sense of style. Debut release KNOCK KNOCK / DJ YEN , Varria was selected for the official playlist "+81 Connect", "New Music Wednesday", "Soul Music Japan" and many others... On VINE, a 6-second video app, he has 30,000 followers under the name andken5, and has collaborated with Youtubers Bryan and Kemio in video production. He currently has 38,000 followers on Tiktok, He has a side of influencer, such as videos with 6 million views and 1.2M total likes.

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