1. MAGMA

"Here this, you hear me
Either way is fine
I want to be myself
To be or not to be
How to do it depends on you"
Even though it is the arrival of a new era, from the slums of this chaotic that continues to be sloppy, A new song written by EazzyRedTiger, a delivery single "MAGMA", with a hardcore band, ONC's Hiro and BANGCHAK teamed up on the sound of ONGR2


Japanese rhyme soldier, It's comin'. Develop the wide music production activity that transcended westside, R&B, rock, dancehall, lovers reggae and a genre; a rapper, a producer, a singer-songwriter. resident in hamaside (Yokohama) during activity Rinkai AREA. I run tintoyrecords which own presides over. On May 27, 2011 of the OG KID FROST visit to Japan performance of the influential figure Chicanos rapper of LA coordinate, and act in the same play on a stage. On June 9, 2013, I appear in the Yokohama opening of a port festival Maine stage. The ringleader who I contribute to the music scene of equal hometown Yokohama, and creates various movements through music.

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