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Kiss the Quartet, a four-piece female vocal next-generation rock band that weaves digital sounds around emotion and nostalgic, and has a wide range of songs ranging from louds to dance tunes and ballads, and has catchy songs from many facets. The band is affectionately known as "Kisukaru" by their fans.

This song is a rock tune that makes you feel nostalgic, but incorporates modern sounds, and is characterized by a beat feeling that strikes your heart while having a middle tempo. It brings out maiko's singing ability while also showcasing each member, and the catchy chorus gets the audience involved and has already become a killer tune in live performances.

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  • Kiss the Quartet

    Formed on May 5, 2018, a four-member female vocal next-generation rock band. The activity base is Tokyo. A powerful yet transparent singing voice of vocalist maiko who likes Soul music and R&B, Loud-rock band ex.Los Child's bassist Yukito and drummer DaisK form the basis, and guitarist syun's melodious and solid play complement each other. The music is composed mainly by three musicians. He mixes digital sound with "emotional" and "nostalgic" as his axis, and carries a wide range of catchy songs from loud, dance tune and ballad. I want you to listen to it. Sound distribution on various subscription services! Released the first full album on November 26, 2022, and performed a release commemorative live at CRECSENDO in Kichijoji, Tokyo. They are energetically performing live performances.

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