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New single by Earthists, a Japanese rock band with a global fan base for their independent activities both in Japan and overseas.

The song, which expresses the band's continued pursuit of a new stage of expression after passing through the Corona disaster, features innovative melodic screams, R&B-like singings, and the essence of jazz/fusion sprinkled throughout the sound.
With the largest number of listeners in the same scene and generation, the band is sure to be active in 2022 in a crossover fashion regardless of genre.

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  • Earthists.

    Formed in 2015. Earthists." is a band that has a global fan base with independent activities both at home and abroad. The band has a global fan base through its independent activities both domestically and internationally, and has been advocating an original genre called "Hyper-Metal" by absorbing and fusing various genres with Metal. In less than a year since its formation, the band has released two full-length albums from TRAGIC HERO RECORDS, a prestigious American label. The band has headlined tours in Asia and Europe, and performed at metal festivals. After that, he established his own label, DIGITALCULT RECORDS. The "DIGITAL CULTISM" event started in 2021. In June 2023, they released their 3rd Full Album "Have a Good Cult" and went on a 9-stop national tour. The final leg of the tour was a successful one-man show held at Shibuya Club QUATTRO, the largest capacity venue for the band. Their activities have created an enthusiastic fan base both in Japan and abroad, and they continue to present their unique and one-of-a-kind sound.

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