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Planet Shhh! is the debut album from Human Pyramid, the solo project of Paul Russell, the London-based composer/mulch musical instrumentalist.
This awesome album has been crafted by mixing the grand orchestration (formed by stringed and wind instruments) and jubilant choir-led chamber music such as Ludwig van Beethoven's Symphony No.9. It will send warm feelings to any listener as if you were floating on air. And the touching sound created by the lovely melodies may bring you to tears.
In addition, the opening track, "Tall Tales," is like entering the beginning of a fairy tale, and "Relapse," is very very happy tune. Once you start listening to these tunes, you will find it hard to stop!!
This summer, the new name "Human Pyramids" will be added to the list of awesome artists from Central Belt Area of Scotland such as Mogwai, Belle And Sebastian, Franz Ferdinand, Travis, Teenage Fanclub and Aztec Camera.
Don't miss the new masterpiece of post-rock/neo-classical music commended by BBC, UK!!
For fans of Jonsi's "Go" album and The Flaming Lips' "The Soft Bulletin" album.

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  • Human Pyramids

    Human Pyramids is the cinematic instrumental rock orchestra formed by 14 instrumentalists produced by Paul Russell, the music composer/mulch musical instrumentalist who was raised in an old mining village in the central belt of Scotland. They have been creating their original, euphoric sounds by mixing the grand orchestration of a string section and wind instruments, the rhythm formed of rugged, distorted guitars, heavy drums and percussion, and beautiful melodies composed by Paul Russell, who also composes music for movies and television. In 2013, Human Pyramids debuted by releasing their first album, 'Planet Shhh!', of which the first-pressing of the CD sold out only for 10 days. They held a concert at Union Chapel in London, appeared at The Great Escape, ArcTanGent, and End of the Road festivals, and shared West Holts Stage with renowned artists such as Underworld, James Blake, and Earth, Wind and Fire at Glastonbury Festival. In 2017, Human Pyramids released the second album, 'Home', which came highly acclaimed by well-known music media outlets such as The Guardian, The Skinny, and Prog Magazine. The ground-breaking 360-degree VR video for 'Crackle Pop' included in the second album 'Home' was nominated for 'Best Debut VR Experience' at Raindance Film Festival and 'Best Interactive Music Video' at the UK Music Video Awards, alongside LCD Soundsystem and Foster the People and Pup. Furthermore, one of the band members joined the recording for Radiohead's single 'Burn The Witch' as an instrumental player. On the morning of Christmas Day in 2019, Human Pyramids released their third album 'Power Pose' which was mixed at 'Chem 19' in their home town, Glasgow, where MOGWAI, Arab Strap, and Aereogramme had also used in the past, and mastered by the Grammy Awards nominated engineer, Joe Lambert who is working with Dirty Projectors and Animal Collective in Jersey City in US.

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