PACK (feat. AshuraMIC, Jin Dogg & DOGMA)

  1. PACK (feat. AshuraMIC, Jin Dogg & DOGMA)

HIBRID ENT. Affiliated DJ BULLSET drops a new single, PACK (feat. Asura MIC, Jin Dogg & DOGMA) !!
He has made numerous digital releases such as "Hissatsy Shigotonin EP.", "OSAKA KIDS ft. JAGGLA, Jin Dogg", "No Roof ft. Young Coco, Cz Tiger", etc., and played DJs at big parties in Japan. Therefore, DJ BULLSET has permeated the current scene.
From Osaka, DJ BULLSET belongs to the label "HIBRID ENTERTAINMENT" that is about to drop flying birds.
Such he drops April 29 new singles !!

Kobe representative rapper "Ashura MIC" droped the remix of OSAKA KIDS "HYOGO KIDS".
Needless to say, "JIN DOGG" tag team with him in the live of the force. "DOGMA" droped the joint album "DROPOUT SIDEING" with LORD 8 ERZ on April 24. Future of them,

Appointed the beat of Fezbeatz, a popular beat maker who worked on "RYKEY × BADSAIKASH / You Can Get Again".
It is a new work of slimming that is appropriate for closing the end of Heisei.


Including the legendary mammoth event "Osaka Safari", DJ BULLSET combines the power and achievements that have been rocking many big parties in Osaka for many years. Affiliated with Hibrid Entertainment since its inception in 2016. In 2017, the free download mixtape "Jin Dogg, Young Yujiro and Tomodachi-death worker mixed by DJ BULLSET" announced. The same year, Tornado's JAGGLA, The "OSAKA KIDS" announced the Hibrid's JIN DOGG, and rappers and truck makers from all over the country make remixes, which also attracts its presence as a producer.

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