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Yuri Shingu, a mezzo-soprano singer who has built up her career as an opera singer and is active in Japan and overseas, met producer Takashi Iwato, and her first CD was a cover of a folk song. The singing style that I thought of for this CD, not like singing an opera, but to convey the beautiful melodies and lyrics that touch the heart, leads to a singing voice that heals the hearts of many people, and the range of songs that transcends genres. It is an opportunity to expand the field of

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  • Yuri Shinguu

    Opera singer/classical music singer/mezzo-soprano. Kunitachi Music College vocal music department graduation, a member of Tokyo two sittings society. I appear on much opera as the main casts including opera "Carmen" until now. I acquire study taking the opportunity of studying in Italy in a concert in Italy and Germany and am active as a classic singer at home and abroad.

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