1. Tsukiyohana (feat. Haa)
  2. Abandaon (feat. Yamaskai Shunsuke & Haa)
  3. MINE (feat. Kambyu Mami)
  4. Feel
  5. Dreaming of You
  6. Summer Blue (MK remix)
  7. Strong Style (feat. Cynical Banana)
  8. Luxury Night (feat. Yamasaki Syunsuke & Kambyu Mami)
  9. Feel So Good (feat. SHINYA)
  10. scream
  12. Dainigakusyou
  13. First Sight
  14. Dreaming of You (SHMK Feel Remix) [feat. Kambyu Mami]
  15. Over and Over (HANAgasakukoro Remix) [feat. Kambyu Mami]

Continuing from "Natural" which recorded the third place of the previous iTunes R & B ranking that came from the name of "Natural Feel Love Dayz" LIFE "Project" set by O-BY approved by famous overseas music producer and legend choreographer Swoop Also, as a confidence, the third album "Feel" has been successful in many music programs while producing the vocalist, singer and himself, and the first album CD was also sold out for the first time. Musical performances and actors with famous artists Shunsuke Yamazaki, who is renowned as a singer, inspired by an unreleased song by Kambyu Mami, who has produced and provided music, and past remixes, as well as 10,000 domestic events called "Luxury Soul Night". Shunsuke Yamazaki, Kambyu Mami and O-BY interweave "Luxury Night"! ! ! A collaboration between singer and actor SHINYA and voice actor Haa will be included in the rap with MCSense's RETO and MC164 rap unit "Shinical Banana", where comedian Smile Yagizawa will participate as MC.