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This is the live album from the DVD called "Half-Life DEBUT 10th Anniversary LIVE DVD "REI."" SHLU-4 available on 1.Shikisai 2.magic 3.idea 4.discord 5.Boy & Girl 6.Deko To Boko 7.Hotaru 8.MY WORLD 9.Shin-Kokyu talk 11.effectology 12.J-POP 13.WORLD MAKER 14.Unplug 15.Omoi No Sumi 16.Natsu No Owari 18.entrance en1.BASEMENT en2.sigh

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  • Half-Life

    Half-Life was formed by Taketo Okamura (bass) at Vancouver,Canada on 2000. The band moved their base to Tokyo on 2005. First release of the band is the single CD "Sympathy" on July,2009, Next release was debut album from the major record label "Avextracks" on Dec, 2009. Next year, 2010, Their song called "J-POP" hits as the ending theme of the tv program "Moteki". After releasing their 3rd album "replay", they turned back as Indies, release 4th album "〆(means "period").is This MV is taken from their live DVD "WA." It has not only live footage, also it's a kind of documentary of their band history.

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